ACME Tap 3/8" 10tpi Right Hand Threads
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ACME Tap 3/8″ 10tpi High Speed Steel Right Hand Threads Titanium Nitride Coated


3/8's 10 tpi tap full picture

3/8’s 10 tpi tap full picture

ACME threads are generally used for machine traversing motions and CNC machinery. Also, used in jacks, valves, and other high load applications.

  • 3/8″ 10 Tpi Single Pass Tap.
  • 3 Flute Design.
  • These are for manual hand tapping.
  • They are made for through hole tapping in bronze, brass, and mild steels.
  • These taps are frequently used to repair damaged lathe cross feed threads. As well as, 3-d printing and CNC applications.
  • Made with High Speed Steel and are Titanium Nitride coated.
  • They come packaged in a plastic storage holder. Labeled for easier identification.
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  • This is a Stock picture of our left handed Tap.