About us

I broke the handle off of my 1943 Logan metal lathe and the part that broke off flew across the room.(It still hasn’t been found.) Confused and mildly startled I stood there looking at a situation I couldn’t immediately understand. Mind you it took a year and a half of spare time to clean, take apart, fix and paint to get to this “first time” running of the lathe.  I won’t get into the poor use of the English language that occurred that night. But the consequences of this exact moment in time lead you, me and my family to this page you are reading now. Having the need to repair that lathe required tools I had a hard time finding. Fast forward through our garage days and many nights of finding ways to offer these products. Everything we offer here came from a need that we have and we believe you do as well. (There are a number of stories for every product here..but hey I’m sure you’re just as busy as I am. We should probably get back to work or play as it may be.)


So the bottom line is this: We are a family run business and we are here to offer you quality products at a great price.


Thanks for stopping by,  Paul and Family


Questions or comments: contact us sales@mpitools.com

Baygents Family picture 2016